Photographs, Poetry

My Bonsai Haiku


Bonsai before me,
with its green leaves shimmering.
A life in a jar.

Writing poetry is my favorite form of writing. It allows me a way to dig deep into myself and release emotional stress and feelings, that other wise probably would be retained and pent-up.

All forms of poetry is wonderful writing exercises and have this cause and effect of releasing pent-up emotion. Poetry is dramatic. It is a point repeated over and over until the writer feels they have said what they need to.

Haiku is the easiest form to get our feelings quickly written and explained. A haiku can also be considered an exercise to help with writer’s block, forging a beginning to something more with greater detail.

One outstanding example of enlightenment in this way,  Basho; Japanese poet considered master of the Haiku form and author of “Oku-no-hosomichi (Narrow Road to Oku)”.

Basho shared with us his meditative way of life through his writing style, leaving us with the most wonderful pieces. The reader aware of his attitude and focus as he writes skillfully with a light texture to his words. In his most solitary moments he found beauty in everything around him and conveyed that for our pleasure.


These are poems that contain 17 syllables in total. Line one will contain 5, line two will contain 7 and line three will contain 5. When writing a Haiku, one should avoid writing with similes. Metaphors are also another aspect to not use when writing in this form. Omit the figure of speech that a word or phrase ordinarily designates one thing, then used to name another. As an example of a metaphor; That garden is like a paradise. A Haiku should say lightness, simplicity, openness and depth while always maintaining Japanese values.

While watching my fish tank.

air bubbles surface
fish swim deep within water
their movement soothes me

While looking out my window on a rainy day.

wet drops on the sill
chilling feeling and gray day
red birds fly, so bright

Photo by shedhippie.

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