Dark Walk

IMG_1228 (2)

Dripping wet, colored with blood,
My thirst is undenied.
Emotions flood, the dark is warm,
And cradles me as if I died.

There was a time I prayed for light.
Now that my true self has come alive,
My chants can be heard for the night.
My survival… for which I feed.

Down the road, the bells do chime.
A sound of muse for death and dine,
Calling through the halls and tombs.
A resting place… though not for mine.

Dancing on the edge, wide awake.
I walk the earth steady and firm.
Death has found and tries to take.
Out of reach I squirm.

(I first wrote this October 2004 and I’ve revised it. In my mind death represents many things and this poem is more about survival.)

Photo (woods) by butkovicdub

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