Gift Acrostic Simile Day 2

Twenty-eight Years
With the Love of my Life

The wine was weak as water.
When sweetly we toasted like lovers.
Every moment cheap as cheese and crackers.
Nobles are we as partners that are priceless.
Taking on life as pirates raiding
You gave like a master never caving.

Every which way we’ve been topsy-turvy.
I feel blessed and cherish it all, holding in awe.
Giving of ourselves, we are our charity.
Hellbent we’ve been bound, relentless.
This is where I belong, with you I reside.

Years of testing, our souls on trial.
Even so, we stayed strong and stable.
All the tenacious energy made us able.
Realizing what we have, grasping fast.
Solid gift of twenty-eight years made to last.


Writing 201 Poetry at Blogging University
Assignment – Day 2
Today, write something about a gift.
Today’s form: acrostic
Today’s device: simile

Thank you LittleLearner

Photo (hands) by jclk8888

4 thoughts on “Gift Acrostic Simile Day 2”

  1. Your third line made me chuckle, as grew up recalling the frequent saying about how cheese and crackers are. Such a heartwarming read, 28 years of togetherness if from a couple’s perspective makes me aww.If is from a knowing and growing as an individual, it is moving showing resistance and determination.

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  2. 🙂 I love cheese and crackers, they can cost very little but go a long way. LOL That is what 28 years has been like, delicious. I was trying to get the not so wonderful moments in there too because to say that the years have been perfect is not true. Thank you so much for reading my poem and for the feedback!


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