Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment Day 4

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Heard of him, naught.
For his, never fought.
No-one asks.
Walks past.
Nothing has been sought.

This man is never seen.
Impossible to be clean.
Without pain.
Without shame.
To his, no one is keen.

No one takes control.
No one relates at all
Get abused
Get accused.
This one takes the fall.

This man on the street.
Gets down on the beat.
Begs for change.
He’s so strange.
It is the beggar’s plea.

He offers me his wine.
We drink it just fine.
Life in a box.
Life of a fox.
You’ll not hear him whine.

What he has is nothin’
To him it is somethin’
Once his world,
it’s already full,
He hits the road runnin’


(Edited 10.11.15)

Happy Writing! #NationalPoetryDay

This is Day 4 of Writing 201 Poetry
Assignment – 
Today, write a poem about the imperfect nature of someone or something.
Today’s form: limerick
Today’s device: enjambment

Photo (man) by BBoomerinDenial

10 thoughts on “Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment Day 4”

      1. Thank you. I am still lost with it. While I was writing it looked like it was going to do what I wanted, then in preview the entire poem aligns left. Any way thanks for trying to help me with it and sorry for late response, taking my Sunday to catch up 🙂 Have a good one!


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