Fav Foto Friday

Thanks to Scribbles & Musings for the inspiration

This Friday brings HellBeast, Marigolds and a one of the baby pumpkins we grew. It was a good week. The weather could not have been better, especially for October.


Photos by shedhippie.

2 thoughts on “Fav Foto Friday”

    1. Fav Foto Friday is a wonderful inspiration, thanks for having me!

      Yes, Hellbeast is a sweet boy, now that we know him better and he is more comfortable with us.

      He just showed up one day and started hanging out but we couldn’t get near him. We have other cats that have taken up residency here as well and the new boy liked to give them hell LOL.

      He was a little terror at first. We were patient with him and he was patient with us. One day he was all sprawled out on my front porch and I had to take a chance. When I made contact, we bonded. He has been by my side since.

      The name is only a tease but when we took him to the vet to be checked and neutered, the vet saw the reason for the name first hand. His family are the only ones that can make contact.

      We get a lot of drop offs here and strays show up out of no where. We do the best we can to give them shelter, food and love. It’s home if they want it He seems to be really happy.

      Mostly, I call him Little Man and he really is a wonderful buddy.


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