Cold, Concrete Poem, Anaphora/Epistrophe Day 9



That hill……
Many winter days…
spent there on that hill…
When snow started blowing….
topics were flowing about that hill.
Waiting by the radio on winter days…
only long enough to hear them say…….
“there would be no school today”……Hurray!
We’d run… happy as larks to go to that hill….
……that hill…… with the perfect slope that held
the snow for us to slide our sleigh…down that hill.


(playing catch up with Writing 201: Poetry.)

“From wintry weather to emotional aloofness to the fun you had during your heyday as a teen figure skating champion, write a poem that will send chills down our spines (literally or not).”
Today’s form: concrete poetry
Today’s device: anaphora/epistrophe

Featured Photo (sleigh and feet) by GaborfromHungary
Post Photo (snowy hillside) by click

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