Keeping Christmas


Candy Canes are the final touch on the tree I see
with gifts covered in paper, ribbon and bow.

Every year is clearly marked with love and memories.
This one no different and as cherished, I know.

To the family I won’t see, I am there and you’re here with me.
A thought away, a whisper to the wind and we’re together again.

I’m excited as always, maybe because I’m a kid at heart.
The first snow, Santa Claus, Cookies, Candy, Greeting Cards!

The radio plays uplifting and heart warming holiday tunes
setting the scene for memory and putting me in a spiritual mood.

I can’t help but cry and swear to do more in the coming new year.
I will try for those that are homeless, poor and living in fear.

For war torn Countries, the Children unwell, for those deprived
and any unable to help themselves…I will try for you.

Many reasons to shed tears, as the candle sparks its flame.
Reaching out my hands in prayer, on my knees I pray

to fill every heart with love and peace, a little comfort and joy…
to carry on good will toward man for every girl and boy.

It can be a difficult task to lift the chin up high
especially when in need and praying for relief come nigh.

Take a hand, and give one back, that eases some of the distressed.
Listen with a caring ear, and realize just how much you are blessed.

Christmas time, holy time, a time of light, warming the heart.
A spiritual time, gifts of love received and returned to show

that the light is inside of us each one, brightening the darkest corners
of this world. Our needs are met and we have heart to share.

Take a candle and light the wick, pass it on to light the next
until the world is all a glow lifted in light, and we will know

peace. Peace will have found us each one, for me and for you
when we carry thoughts for Christmas all the year through.


Photo by MagCindy

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