Ice Cold

princess stock 3

My fairy tale on ice
when the sun refuses to shine
all is well and breathing
all and everything, but mine

This ice covered land
breaking beneath my toes
wondering when the ice will melt
no one ever really knows

It is the cold of winter
that can bring me to my knees
waiting for the warmth again
and for the weather to change

It is the quiet era
of peace and tranquility
the period of rest during winter
that is a solace for me

Too soon to long for spring
too early for blooms to enter
it is the cold upon us…
this time of year is winter.


Photo by TrisMarie

2 thoughts on “Ice Cold”

  1. Thank you 🙂 I would rather it be warm, much warmer. Although this winter has been incredibly mild for us, the day I wrote this poem it was our first cold snap. I am officially counting the days until spring.


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