My belated Father’s Day 

Father’s Day has come and gone
and like a breeze you carry on
leaving bits and traces of
all that you ever were.

The glue that kept us in tack
I wish over you’d come back
and even now these words lack
the something of what you were.

You always were simply wonderful.
A joy to be around. Your smile
it was beautiful and your spirit
always was heaven bound.

From an early age, I looked up to you.
The years made us change. I stood.
Still. I looked up to you. You were
the epitome of brave.

Your character clean as a whistle
made you a prince charming. I
was daddy’s girl, spoiled brat
ungrateful some might say.

Believe me I want to take it back.
A do over please. Let me,
just one day to explain, everything.
And all you ever meant to me.






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