Sundays Are Dead


Zombies, walkers and thangs.

It has been awhile, but I remember a time when I did not yearn for Sunday TV night. As things are now, it is my obsession. Since the final show for the season of my favorite show, I have had nightmares about zombies three times. While that does not seem to be a very significant number, three night mares for me (and ones I can remember) is a huge deal. For the most part, when I do remember my dreams, the experience is usually a pleasant one and one I much rather prefer over zombies.

As a child, the thought of zombies terrified me. I grew up in a small town and there were two cemeteries. A lot of dead people for such a small place. Most nights when it was time to go to bed, my imagination took over and many good night’s sleep were lost. At present, with an adult’s imagination and knowledge, I’ve traded zombies for walkers. My favorite show is more like field training and I live with a new set of fears.

After being introduced to The Walking Dead on AMC, I had to wait until the first season was available on Netflix as I had missed it on TV. The first episode did not impress me that much and I thought it was going to be a lame series. With lots of encouragement from others I gave it a chance and watched a couple more episodes. Before I knew it I had finished the first season and I was hooked.

It is the one show I want to make time for. I wait anxiously every week for Sunday night to roll around. Sometimes The Walking Dead night starts a little early here and the television is turned on to AMC to watch repeats of previous episodes. I never get tired or bored of watching them over again. Each time I seem to catch another important point that I missed the first or second time around.

The premiere date of Season 7 is unknown. Even so Sundays are dead to me. My stomach still churns when I think about the last show of last season. Which one of our group saw their last day on earth? That really is thee question for fans. We all have our suspicions and if the writers stay true to the comics, we probably have the answer. Personally, I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

Every Sunday like clockwork I have this yearning to grab my munchies and watch the walkers. Like most fans of The Walking Dead I am anxious and nervous thanks to Negan. I can not wait to see Daryl, Carol, Rick, Maggie, Glenn, Michonne, Carl and little ass kicker, to name a few. Will those mentioned actually return again to survive together? I will not rest easy until the new season premiere and I know for certain who made it and who didn’t.


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