Developing Your Eye Day Five Connect

Photography 1


The photo taken is one of a bridge. It is a very old and run down bridge. Even so, the bridge is still doing what it was first built to do. As the pavement is peeling away the boards connected together are showing through in places. There is a warning sign to drivers approaching about the weight that the bridge will hold. Standing here taking this photograph I am made aware of how disconnected I am to the world and yet this very spot makes me feel more connected than ever.


2 thoughts on “Developing Your Eye Day Five Connect”

  1. I like how you caught the rotting boards in this photo. Are you enjoying the photo challenge? I’m not a fantastic photographer, but I do enjoy ‘developing my eye.’ A college photography professor told us to “look through the viewfinder.” I surely don’t want things growing out the heads of the people whose photos I take!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking a recent post.

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    1. Thank you Paula for stopping by and for your comment. I have had a great time with this photo challenge. It’s a lot of fun viewing everyone’s photos and seeing other views on things.

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