NaNoWriMo, Writings

The time to write is here #NaNoWriMo



It is finally here and I am relieved.

No, I am anxious and nervous.

Well, all month of October, I was gearing up for this day with high expectations of sharing that I am absolutely writing a novel! That feels like huge news! Now that the day is actually here I am thinking, what if I tell everyone I am writing a novel then half way into November something horrible happens and I don’t actually write a novel.

The worse thing that can happen to me now is that I give up on myself. What I want to gain from this month of writing more than anything else is the discipline to write.  If I write everyday then it is working. It does not matter what I am writing, it matters that I am writing. That excites me! I can do that!

Today, I wrote 2,107 words. That also excites me!



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