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Bludgeon One-Word Prompt


Astugsna is a world of creatures that have been bludgeoned into their existence by Windsor, though they do not see their lives as manipulated. Each personality, desire, need and strength is designed for the success of his world. There are no words such as morally, wrong, bad, immoral or wicked. What might be seen as harm is truly a matter of defense and necessity. Windsor did not create an alternative, it is a singular plan.  What would appear as malevolent behavior would have to be defined as something else. The people of Astugsna do not know vindictiveness or revenge. They breathe, they eat, they survive in the only world they know, with the only things they know, in the darkness. Windsor did over look something. As the world evolves so do the beings living there. Something is born and developed even if ever so subtly. It is emotion.

Photo by lisaleo

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