NaNoWriMo WiPW!

Clockwork Clouds

Authors! It’s November! And that means…


I’m hijacking today’s Work in Progress Wednesday, because what is more ‘in progress‘ right now than NaNoWriMo?! Although we’re only on Day Two, hopefully your stories are unraveling in some inspiring ways. I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my offer once more.

Would you like to be featured on WiPW?

It’s an offer I’ve made before, and something I will continue to keep running on my blog (You can see it at the top of my page, in fact!), mainly because I love hearing people’s ideas and the think we all function better when we share our advice. Nothing gets me more excited to write something of my own, as when I see something awesome that someone else has produced. I put down books, leave films, finish games, feeling positively buzzed. So I…

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