My Sundays Are Dead! #thewalkingdead


Yes! Indeed! Sundays are dead to me! They have been for years now. Since the first day I started watching The Walking Dead on Sunday nights, Sundays are changed forever.

A lot of people that I know cringe when I start to talk about the show. The expression on their face soon changes from smiling pleasantries to disgust and concern as to why I would subject myself to such a morbid show. A lot of fans say it, but those that do not watch do not get it. The Walking Dead is about so much more than just zombies. Besides, the level of sick has gradually grown to the level it is now and it is too late for me to turn back.

Yes. The show is dark. The show is not for everyone. If you can get past some of that, you are in for a great story that has been told in an exceptional way. It is laid out simply. And, the simplicity of it makes it a unique sort of art.

The characters are bringing something of themselves to their dark and ugly world of walkers. Each one had their lives before the apocalypse and they blended into what ever it was they built their lives around. We see a group of survivors reaching to the depths of who they are and bringing to the surface parts of themselves they may of otherwise never known or used to their benefit.

On any given Sunday an episode of The Walking Dead could resemble how living and breathing people feel. How living people deal and cope with other mindless individuals in our non-apocalyptic world. We strive in life to work our way to the top, to be heard, to be a voice, to reason with others. The hungry, the jobless, the broken, the sick, lamed and less fortunate, might feel like they are the zombies at some point.

It is not only the depths of the story telling but the artistic factor too. I had never read the comics before hearing about and watching the show on television. However, being a fan of art and comic books, I noticed immediately how the scenes were almost cut outs of what would fit perfectly as a sketch or drawing. It was something completely backwards for me to see it in this way, but that is one of the aspects that has caused me to fall in love and to be completely obsessed with The Walking Dead.

When I last wrote about Sundays being dead to me, Season 6 had ended and it was devastating. It was difficult to watch and then extremely difficult to wait until Season 7 started. For the longest time no one even knew the date of the premiere. The waiting really was the hardest part. Then, Season 7 aired. It happened. We all got our answers.

My daughter and I always make a huge deal of the premieres. Actually when I think about it, we make a big deal out of every Sunday. Anyway, I have to say, for me and in my opinion the premiere of Season 7 was the most intense episode of all. When Hershel was beheaded, that was the one scene and death of the characters that stuck with me the longest. Even now it is still difficult when I watch that episode as a repeat and I know what is going to happen!

My heart is broken again, deeply and the worse part is that it’s doubled. What has happened has really changed the show for me. I am worried that I am losing my love for the show because I am losing those characters that I love and have grown attached. Their story has been my story all along the way. It feels like a different show approaching the third episode of Season 7.

I will certainly be watching tonight and hope to keep loving The Walking Dead every Sunday night or if not, my Sundays will truly be dead.


photos from screen rant and amc


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