A Soldier’s Dance


The sky is full of promise
as the night kisses the dawn
a new day is upon us, as we
stand ready, to carry on

My body aches with misery, and
my mind with memory, of days
spent in your arms and your
lips softly kissing me

Where did our days go dear?
Where are you this morn? I
stand here ready, bruised,
dirty, tired and torn

Bring me back to you dear,
even if only in a dream, keep
me forever close to you, and
take away this ugly scene

Here I am, I stand ready, for
my country ’tis of thee, I will
stand ready, for the twelve or
the twelve times the three

Or, until my body simply breaks
and begs me to lay it down, I
won’t do it easily, but downward
I may be bound…

My hands hold the forsaken earth
gripping into my nails, reminds
me of lies, dirty and hidden well,
Will they ever find me?

My truth is hundreds of yesterdays
where I stood next to you, today,
I stand here and I stand ready,
what more can I do

The sweat drips away from my brow
and my hand lets it fall, the taste
reminds me I’m not dead, but maybe
just in hell

and then I will be home again, by
your side, my angel my love
Your memory keeps me alive,
waiting, until I come home

photo by hotblack

2 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Dance”

  1. In 2006 I wrote ‘Soldier’s Dance as a dedication for Veterans Day. I have since revised changing punctuation and a word here and there. It feels more like an individual battle being fought from within, from other points of view. Not only a soldier and not only with war.


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