Your Moon

you set my sky with your stars,
and your moon.
Our bodies below them, a testament of our love.

Your Sovereign,
and most powerless on my knees.
No rule.
Nothing more than a dream.

I faded,
into non-existence.
An existence
created for me, and you.

Our love blown out, like a candle’s burnt core.
The memory drives toward the center, searching.
The wick is gone that once held the flame.
What was, is no more.

Go to the water’s edge,
I am there.
I walk along the sandy tide
and I….. still see you.

You are in the distance.
Reaching without words.
Your silent cry.
Our tears.

All ripples along the shore.
The moon
light the waves of hurt
and still commands my soul.


Photo by Pellinni

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