Kneeling Grace


On and on it goes. Words carry deeply with them emotions that bind us and commit us to action. There is action to enforce and sometimes action to defeat when words are said. It is an aged old story of bricks and stones can break the bones but words can never hurt. It is a lie that words do not hurt. Words and words alone can hurt as much if not more than physical harm.

Although we are a democracy and we as a nation revel in the fact that we are free, we still wear chains. Casting a vote is our part in participating in a large body that makes up a government. As proud as anyone of us can be to cast that vote and to participate, the weight of that decision is a heavy one. It is one of study and research to be certian we are truly casting the right vote.

The division and racial issues that the United States face were here long before the most current election. It is impossible to place all of the blame on one man or a single administration. We as a people have truly let ourselves down over a long period of time. Presently voices are rising up to correct some of those wrongs only to meet a seemingly solidarity against them.

For the past several months, nearing a year now, I have been in a sort of grid lock where humanity is concerned. Everywhere I look I see those that have taken on a mission that feels more like hate than it does growth. In my hind sight, I realize there never is a perfect solution and sometimes the fates behave in a way that trick us. We are fooled into believing that what if things had gone another way. When we allow ourselves to be stuck in that notion, we fail at making change when it is needed the most.

One of the issues we have been facing and continue to face as a nation is police brutality. Simply mentioning this topic sends people into rage. It is a valid argument to say there are plenty of good people on the police force and they deserve our support. I agree. However, I have seen with my own eyes the killings and the beatings that proved the problem exists even if it has never touched us personally. Something is wrong and a problem exists. As a nation it must be addressed. Ignoring it and pretending it is not true does not solve anything.

No one wants to talk about black lives being snuffed out by police brutality. That’s why Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem to begin with. The man had a platform and he knew football’s importance to America. In his beliefs and in his rally for his cause, he jeopardized his fan base and his job, to use his voice and to be heard.

At that time we had a black man in office as the President of the United States. Barack Obama used his voice to ease people’s mind. President Obama could have spoken out defiantly against white people and their treatment toward blacks in history. At that time, our president chose to be a voice of reason and to consider every side of the situation. Barack Obama was filmed speaking to a Veteran about Colin Kaepernick.  President Obama was asked how he thought it made people feel that fought and died for the Flag.  The president was able to look that Veteran in the eye, that stood before him in uniform and his response was one that would ease a nation entirely.

But now, we currently have a white president that has called Nazis fine people. He has been publicly offensive in just about every way conceivable. Steve Bannon is a close friend and was a political counselor who still runs a site “home of the alt-right”. There has proven to be Russian collusion and it is most likely a fact that our election was hacked.  This administration formed ICE to patrol illegal immigration. Do we really know how much abuse is being generated with that program? Immigration is not anything to do with black lives matter but it is about something other than being white.

To study all of it, I can not help but ask myself the important question. Why am I still standing?

We must stop making this about honoring the Veterans. Of course there have been wars and conflicts where men and women have died defending freedoms and humanity issues the world over. Even so, we must see the Flag for what it is, nothing more than fabric sewn together with needle and thread. That thread can easily be broken and pieces will fall apart. Like the people of this land. We are woven together as a fabric. If we divide ourselves we are nothing. Our thread to freedom must remain strong. Our thread is our voice and our defiance against anyone or anything thing that threatens those freedoms.

All I would say to any of this is we have a responsibility to ourselves and this nation to look hard at the facts. There is absolute proof to give reason that this administration is acting with intent to cause racial divide. Donald J. Trump chose his own words and spoke in an unfavorable tone directing the NFL to fire Colin Kaepernick for kneeling. You would be right if you are saying he did not say fire him by name. No, the president of the United States actually used words that caused the national news to bleep him.

Now, that brings us right back to the beginning. Words. Of course I do not know Donald J. Trump personally and I can not say without a shadow of doubt that he is a racist. All I know is what I see and hear. These are the words that the president of the United States uses on almost a daily basis. The movement to bring attention to all the unnecessary murders and brutality by police onto black people in America is something that Trump wants to stop. Many white people have the conviction none of this is real. They will fight to prove everyone is treated equal. When the sitting president continues to tell the world to not watch the news and do not read the papers, then condemns the media, his supporters are simply not watching. They are sheltering themselves from the ugly truth that we all need to see.


2 thoughts on “Kneeling Grace”

  1. You write, “ We as a people have truly let ourselves down over a long period of time.” I can’t agree more. For some reason, and going on for decades now, when people parry about politics they first principal that the United States is a democracy.

    It is not. It’s a Republic. Not a plebiscite that affords a simply thumbs up or thumbs down, but a complexed constitutional constructed tally taking over both time and space that rewards long term strategic thinking, as opposed to a results now spin of a slot machine. Lucky us.

    Now I know, “democracy” is just a short hand for bah bah bah. And since the days of the Founding the Senate has become a direct vote, the franchise is now, damn near, universal, and “one man..one vote,” a supposed given.

    But hark. If all this be true, our democracy per se, then how is it that two of the last three Presidents entered office after receiving a minority of the popular vote, and even more troubling, how often the House Of Representatives is controlled by the party receiving less than a majority of the aggregate vote. And if you extrapolate these tendencies to the geographical clusterings of ideological, and ( oh help us ) cultural conceits we will cross tab our Rubicon chortling about just how did this “democracy’ get so divided.

    Please know, I took the time to hogwash all this reply of gloom and doom, because I share the sentiments of your fine post…excepting where noted.


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  2. Thank you. My ideal of democracy or how I used the word in this post is not solely a misunderstanding but possibly more of hope on my part. Our government directs us with both legislation and words. What we hear moves us. We absolutely then act out on what we hear and how it is perceived. They understand this about us very well. Our forefathers did their best to protect the future of America and probably had a pretty good understanding of how difficult it would be for such a large mass of diversity to come together and make the appropriate decisions for the nation. It is more difficult than ever to put complete trust in the government as they seem to have forgotten to govern with integrity and truth. We are led as they see the best gains for them on a personal level over doing the best thing for the country as a whole. As simple as that sounds, that really is all we need from them. As people begin to wake up, extreme groups are created and we as a people hurt more rather than heal. At least, that is the feeling coming from my heart. It is my immediate reaction to your comment. Thank you for taking the time to read what I wrote today and for sharing your thoughts with me.


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