A Peek The Daily Post Photo Challenge

On the property line, right next to my house, is a sign that reads Cemetery Road. When my husband and I discussed buying this land, that thought was a bit unsettling. A few folks had explained the cemetery itself is closed. Family still visit their loved ones on occasion.  Some come seeking answers to their ancestry questions. The cemetery in fact is not closed, as we have saw more than a few arrivals. We have also learned the previous owner sold that particular plot to the township with the condition that residents could rest eternal at no cost. Walks from the house to the cemetery are quiet, serene and absolutely beautiful, especially in the fall when the trees are doing their magic.  The view from the house is nothing but breath-taking and the white picket fence only adds the charm.  There really has never been an eerie feeling as one might expect living so close to a cemetery. What once may have seemed a little disturbing to me has turned into a certain kind of comfort. There is a peace of mind knowing I may never have to leave the place I have grown to love and call home.

The Daily Post | Photo Challenge | Peek

This week, share a peek of something — a photo that reveals just enough of your subject to get us interested. A tantalizing detail. An unusual perspective. Compel us to click through to your post to find out more!

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