As I Remember It

Happy New Year! Before I fully step into a brand new year, I have to take note of the one that just ended. I hear a lot about how horrible of year we just had. Moving forward with a new start surely feels good. Perhaps it is my age and sorry to see yet another year gone. Time seems to drive too quickly these days. Most of all, when looking back on 2017, there are moments carved on my heart, bad and good, and some I hope never to forget.

My memories are only mine and probably of no use to anyone else. No one really cares that this was the year I got my Thelma and Louisa.  It doesn’t matter to anyone but me that those pups made me smile even on days when I did not feel like it.

We really did not celebrate in a big way but this year my husband and I had our thirty year wedding anniversary!  Everyone already knows there was a solar eclipse.  I have already bragged plenty to family and friends that the fruit trees had fruit for the first time this year.  We will have to wait until spring to know for sure if the dogwood we planted makes it.

There are many other memories too, some are sad memories right along with the joyful ones. I take a lot of photographs and it is never enough. A lot of moments I missed getting snaps of and I do regret that. Then again, some things are impossible to capture in a photo. Those memories are just there, chiseled in time, rather we like it or not. The sadness of this past year, the pain my family had  to deal with, none of that is forgotten.

Even if I have to look for it, I want to remember the good times.

We had the best Christmas eve at my brother’s and Christmas day with mom but no photos. So many fun times with aunts and cousins but never enough photos. I do not have photos of every cherished moment but these pictures were sorted and they spark something for me personally.

On the other hand, we can talk about politics and how messed up the world is right now and of course I would have to agree. I also know my life is plain, simple and nothing really important enough to share with anyone. In fact it is probably down right boring. It is all of that in which I am truly thankful.

The time it took to search my photographs and then to create this slide show, allowed it all to sink in. It is easy to say this past year was horrible if we focus on the bad.  It was a pleasure to look deep and search over the photographs taken this past year. I would much rather poke and probe to find all the little moments that were quite precious and made this last year one worth living and remembering.

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