My family has
a new dirty word.
She lost hers.

My chest rises.
My chest falls.
I feel…
with every breath I take.

My heart is broken.
I am breathing.
I live.
In-spite of everything.

Her home, a home away
from home.
A nightmare, for most.
A reality, for her.

My mind is on fire.
Angry and heated
with energetic pain
that freezes me, insane.

I do not move.

My emotions are dead.
I feel cold, dead cold.

I do not bleed,
nothing left in my veins.
A nothing, so empty
and lost to…everything.

How will I ever forget?
She gave me life.

She loved me, until the day
she could not love me enough
to remember,
my name.

She was able to forget.
How could she forget?

What is expected of me?
What can I really do?
It is absolutely,
without a doubt…Out.

It is OUT of this world crazy!

It has me, OUT of my mind!

It is out of sight, not normal or right…

I want to take her OUT of there!

It is out…

It is so far out…

It is most definitely and quite simply, out of my control.


Photo by RhiannonDanae

(first shared Sept. 2015)

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