My Sundays are dead. Truly.

Thanks a whole hell of a lot Negan. You have truly ruined everything for me.

Another Sunday, another day of The Walking Dead. I am  not only excited but a little disappointed. Tonight is the season finale. To ease that pain somewhat we get the season premier of Fear (The Walking Dead). And, this is the night of the big crossover.

Check out AMC for times and listings but mine will be on tonight starting at 9:00 PM EST.

Wrath | Season 8, Episode 16

Being a fan of The Walking Dead has its ups and downs.  My Sundays are  often filled with anxiety and sometimes outright rage over choices made by the writing team. For the most part I want to believe the story line will be carried out at all cost. However, sometimes it has a feel that the writers go with what is best to keep a long running show.

I suppose things feel a bit like they may be shifting perhaps in favor of our group. Who really knows. I have thought I had it figured out before and boy was I wrong. Oh don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely freaking spaz out on the suspense. There’s nothing like it.

And, to be perfectly clear, there is nothing like The Walking Dead. And to those that say…“But I don’t like zombies!” or “Not another weird scary show on TV!” You should see it before you judge.  That is the most polite thing I can say here. The Walking Dead is about so much more than zombies. There is a strong message about humanity and if you can not associate it that way….then consider it field training.

Without giving spoilers, I will just say I have been surprised, emotionally distraught and at times, angry. The words have came out of my mouth at the end of a season…“I am never watching that show again!”

At one time, The Walking Dead was our “thang”.  My Daughter and I would make an appoint to have snacks on the ready. For that hour, or sometimes an hour and a half, we shared something in common. Our love for The Walking Dead. 

That rolled over to another hour of time to spend together when we included The Talking Dead to our Sunday nights. Until schedules and life changes, Sundays were riddled with excitement, nerves, anxiety, hope and concern for our beloved characters.

All of those emotions were alive and well every Sunday night through Season 6 and up to the first show of Season 7. More recently though, the feel of the show has not been the same for me.  And, with my Daughter no longer my Sunday night walker partner, my hubby sits by my side. Of course I am holding in my screams and I’m not going to cry. His level of attachment to show is not nearly the same as mine. So, when I repeat the episode, I can freely express myself.

One most recent loss was horrible to experience without my Daughter watching with me. Fans actually knew the week before that we were losing that character from the show.  So, I had a whole damn week to soak in the loss and how the show might go on. And, I did that alone, not posting to social media.

You see, even though my Daughter and I no longer watch together, I am sworn to silence so that she has a chance to catch up on her own. With some hope that we might share that hour or hour and a half every Sunday night together.

I am still a fan. I am still hooked. I have to watch or record it. My heart is still in it and I absolutely love The Walking Dead. But….something is different for me and it is starting to feel that my Sundays are truly dead.

The photo of the TWD crew was at AMC  and I found the pic of Negan in a older article from Variety

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