Naked vows,
with out the dressings
their promises were made
to be kept,
within their locked hearts
their promises,
soon would fade.

Dark days came
sure and swift.
Their promises,
dues to be paid
and once again,
on their grey days
promises made.

On burgundy waves,
richly encased
a bottle green and smooth.
Their glasses touch
and they smile,
an adventure
made for two.

They’ve come a long way…b a b y
Yes, they surely have.
To the heavens someday…b a b y
Will they live until then?

Let her dance for you.
Let her see you swing.
No sell out.
Stay free, do your thing.

the laughter
if you like.
Or cry some tears
for the pain
and strife.
Remember the past
and all you’ve seen.
Close your eyes love,
it’s free to dream.

And love,
you can do that
without the money.
Nurture the body
with your sweet honey.
Hold her close to you,
and settle her soul.
Wipe her eyes
as the world
takes its toll.

Come on b a b y,
she will dance for you
and you can swing!
Celebrate loud,
and be free!
Just do it.
Do your thing.

As a deep
driven well,
know your heart.
Live, live
and love,
without fail.
Always remember,
the way back
to the start.


Photo by @jaredkcreative

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