White Pumpkin Magick

Magick is not required
to enjoy these tasty treats.
This little ditty of mine,
to record a memory and keep
how wonderful this season
and my big pumpkin of white.
And, some sweet witchery
for those that might like.

Lumina, Cotton Candy, Hooligan, Full Moon, Polar Bear, Albino Pumpkin, Ghost Pumpkin, Snowball, Casper, Baby Boo, no matter what you call it or how beautiful, sadly the pumpkin will not last forever. I really want to keep a few of these white pumpkin seeds for planting of my own.

Soon, most of us will replace our autumn decorations with things to celebrate Yule, Christmas and other holidays during winter and in December. I for one will be sad to see these pumpkins go, but go they must. Before it is too late I want to make some plans for their uses. My first thought was to tie a red ribbon on this fat wonder and just keep it sitting under my tree.

Take it easy!
Cut the pumpkin in half, remove the seeds and stringy center. Wash and cut into smaller chunks to bake in oven, flesh side down. Bake for 45 minutes to an hour in a 350 degree oven. When a fork goes through skin easily, it is done. Once the pumpkin pieces have been roasted, they are much easier to scoop and puree for soup and pies.

But, I will probably try to bake a pumpkin pie or make some warm pumpkin soup. The oragne color inside is so beautiful and perfect for this time of year. And it’s a beautiful gesture for your family to serve the pumpkin dish for love and prosperity in the new year to come.

It will be a nice way to say good bye to the passing year, using this beautiful white pumpkin to make soup. While eating the delicious warm essence, thinking of all the blessings and wonderful times of the past year. October is one of my favorite months. This year especially and the pumpkins were just beautiful. I really hate to see this autumn end and winter begin.

Smaller and sweeter pumpkins are usually best for baking soup and pies. This particular pumpkin that I have is white and it is rather large. I am not absolutely positive that it will have the right taste but I am going to try it. White pumpkins are supposedly fine for baking. It is the size that might change the taste. If all goes well, I might even use part of it as a serving bowl for the pumpkin soup.

If you are like me, you might like to leave a little outside as an offering to the fae, sprites and critters that live among us. Leave some of the rind and unused pieces for them to snack on. Deer love pumpkin! I’ve also noticed the birds take to it as well. My chickens always get a fair share and I save the stem for good luck. The stem dries out quickly and keep it in a cabinet to bless the contents.

Pumpkin seeds can be used for prosperity when working with magick. A big pumpkin resembles a womb. You can imagine birthing an idea, a plan, a goal or wish. Seeds grow. Grow some in an indoor flower pot. Make an intention or wish when planting. Watch your baby plant grow as you watch your wishes come to life as well. Save the seeds and dry them . Over the winter meditate on goals. Plant the seeds in the spring and know your intentions are set.

A tasty way to use pumpkin seeds for setting intentions is to roast and eat them. You can just roast and eat them if you are not on the witchy side of things. Personally, I plan to use these tasty bites as this year closes and set some intentions for the coming year.

There are many recipes for roasting seeds. An easy rule of measure is bake at 300 degrees for 45 minutes. They will do nicely on a cookie sheet that has been lined with parchment paper. Toss the dried pumpkin seeds in an oil of your choice or melted butter. Then toss them again in the spices and flavor you wish to squire.

Blessings and wishing you get all you can out of your pumpkins!

Thanks for reading!

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