Spring! In spite of things!

It’s Spring they tell me. Is it really? It doesn’t quite feel like it just yet. Things are still bleak and bare. The buds are showing, with a closer look. We have to wait. The weather seems to be fighting the whole thing. Attempts have been made. Bulbs have been set. Plans are even in the works for the garden and other projects.

A Birthday has come and gone. I don’t think I can say that I’m middle aged anymore unless I live to be over a hundred. The cake was delicious. Thank you Carol. Hubby found gift bags with glitter and the cutest card. Things I needed. Things I wanted. Three new tarot decks, mossy balls and two tiny tea pots I’m anxious to share. It would have been nice to have my daughter here. A world pandemic changes everything.

The Forsythia has not let me down. it never lets me down. Always popped out just in time for my birthday. When I was a kid I was convinced it was called a “for cynthia”.

It is Spring. March is over now. My birth month. My favorite month. Not so much this year. The whole world isn’t in the mind set for Spring. Even so, the whole world is sharing concern right now. Our entire humanity is in the same place. Finally.

For Ostara and Spring Equinox I made a short video. Life is bursting around us. There is hope for abundance with every seed planted. Because, it is Spring.

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