Hello and welcome to Willowbeithe!

I’m here blogging with cats, a bird, chickens, a dragon and 2 pups, Thema and Louise. In between taking care of them I enjoy writing, taking photographs and creating earthy, soulful things.

When I first started blogging it was a spot for my writings. Then I discovered my love for taking photographs. From there, I’ve been working on adding my personal creations.

Why the name Willowbeithe?

While researching a title for my blog I was drawn to trees. There are too many trees in nature for me to name however the Willow stood out to me. A lot of folks use this name already and I wanted to create something a little unique. With that, I added beithe (pronouncing it like beth). Beith is part of the Olgham Alphabet meaning Birch. I slapped an e to the end simply for the look of it. When adding the letters of Willowbeithe in numerology it equals 8, the same as my birth name Cynthia. My birth name means moon, as the Willow and Birch are also associated with the moon.

Everyone has their own process when picking a new name for their blog. It is both exciting and a bit nerve wrecking trying to get the exact right one. I tend to be a geek about these sorts of things. For the most part, I end up over thinking the whole thing.  In any case here it is, my blog. My writings, my art, my life and photos all wrapped up in a word Willowbeithe.

Photo by @yuskii