Guest Writers

Juan Carlos Cantú

Juan Carlos Cantú Today's post is provided by Juan Carlos Cantú author of Age Warfare. His book, a fiction novel feels much like non-fiction. As our planet, our society, our world continue to be in peril's way, a message is offered. Although Age Warfare is a fantasy novel,  reading Juan's intentions that led to his… Continue reading Juan Carlos Cantú



Vision, with all the senses, can easily cast beauty. Crossing, a line in the sand. Senses stir, a provocative plan. A single moment in time Eyes, to see the beauty. Beautiful. Danger, a warning, even so, no heeding, Too powerful and alluring, Keep going, proceeding. Other senses, to be sure. Determined. Justified. Touch, to feel.… Continue reading Beauty


My Sundays are dead. Truly.

Thanks a whole hell of a lot Negan. You have truly ruined everything for me. Another Sunday, another day of The Walking Dead. I am  not only excited but a little disappointed. Tonight is the season finale. To ease that pain somewhat we get the season premier of Fear (The Walking Dead). And, this is the… Continue reading My Sundays are dead. Truly.